MonRiad, completely refurbished and opened in May 2010, maintains the traditional architecture and design of the typical moroccan houses, the white of the walls in “tedelakt” and the “majorelle” blue of the tiles are only an example of the unique charm this place can offer.

mercredi 1 juin 2011

Time and Patience....

We know  it will take time and patience to achieve what we want and reach our goal.
Time and time again we see examples of people who have worked towards their goal, and achieved their goal. Usually we work for a long period of time with little or no result until one day, the result of our hard work, the culmination of our action, the achievement of our goal occurs.

Almost finish after 2 and a Half years of Construction....ffffffff

Construction part 4

Construction part 3 and terrasse ...

Construction part 2 always followed by Sr Eugenio

Construction Part 1 Followed by Signor Eugenio

Monriad Before Renovation Part 2

Photos just before Renovation.....

To renovate Monriad from this old building to our cosy traditional moroccan Riad ,it took almost  two and a half years of work....and patience.

Roof 3

Roof 2

Roof 1


Room 1

Stairs and Corridors

Corridors 2

The corridors

Inspection by engineers and architect before renovation 2

Inspection by engineers and architect before renovation

Kitchen Area 2

The kitchen area

The kitchen before renovation...

At the very beginning before the renovation of the Riad with manu ... and papi Eugenio

1st floor before renovation..